Friday, April 1, 2011

DIY Family Friday Week #6

Can you believe that we are on our 6th week of DIY Family Fridays? Time is just crusin' by! In anticipation of spring, which we've heard is on it's way,  we're going to make a Grassapillar!
3/4 cup potting soil
2 TBSP of grass seed
Empty egg carton
Permanent marker
In a bowl, mix the potting soil and grass seed in a bowl. Add water to moisten the mixture, then set it aside.

Cut a three-cup section of an empty egg carton. Be sure to trim the section along the edges to ensure that your Grassapillar will look the same from both sides.

With a permanent marker, draw a face on one end as shown. Gently spoon the seed mixture into the cups.Set your Grassapillar in a brightly lit spot and keep the soil moist. The grass should sprout in about a week.Your little one will love checking on the progress of their Grassapillar each morning!

Thanks to the Family Fun website for a great, easy idea!