Thursday, July 28, 2011

Big, Exciting, FRC News!

If you've met any of the FRC staff members, you know how hard is for us to keep exciting secrets. But this secret has been brewing for quite awhile! We have been giddy with excitement since we signed the lease and now we can officially announce that...


It has been a long, drawn out search. We are certain that we have toured every available space in the Eau Claire area. At one point, we thought we were never going to find a place that fit all of our space, visibility and parking requirements. What can we say, when it comes to finding the right place to serve our amazing families, we are picky! :)

And then it dawned on us and now we are moving to one of the hottest spots in Eau Claire...the Oakwood Mall! Starting September 12, we will be located in the Sears wing, right next to Imagination Station and down the hall from the play area.

Our new digs
In the meantime, we will continue to run classes from our current home while the new space is getting a pretty new make over! Check out what we're starting with...

We know it doesn't look like much now but when we're all done, it will be a bright, cheery, spacious new space for our families to come to play and learn!