Monday, July 15, 2013

Where in EC Results

A fun time was had by all at the second annual Where in Eau Claire Scavenger Hunt!

You can view team photos HERE.

Team rankings are as follows:

1st place with 350 points: 5 Dogs and a Bird (time of 7:56)
350 points: The Polar Express (time of 7:59)
340 points: Team DeLong
325 points: Gaudy Golfers
325 points: The Brainy Bunch
290 points: Smith & Prissel Chiros
290 points: The Skitt-daddles
275 points: We're on a Roll
260 points: Organized Confusion
255 points: Kitty's Outlaws
255 points: Team Badgers
240 points: Kitty's Angels
240 points: Team Scheels
230 points: Hunting for a Win
230 points: The Birthday Party Animals
225 points: The Z Team
215 points: Randall Park Neighborhood
205 points: The Late Crew
180 points: Team Bauman
170 points: Xcel Energy

Winner of the most creative theme: KITTY'S ANGELS

Big Screen TV: Emily Smith Nguyen
iPad: Jason Higley
Gift Card Package: Jeremy Enger

Congrats to 5 dogs and a bird!

Thank you to all participants and donors!
We look forward to 2014!