Friday, February 13, 2015

Farm Mural at the FRC!

For anyone that has visited the Family Resource Center -
you may have noticed the large wall on the way to the bathroom...
the large unsightly wall.

We were fortunate to have the Fresh Start work crew from Western Dairyland provide community service in January - with patching the wall as part of their work day.  Then the wall was painted by Kari's husband, Dave, in early February.  Thursday and today, Cyndee Kaiser painted a farm mural across the wall.  It has been so amazing to watch her sketch it out and paint away.

Cyndee is well known in the Chippewa Valley for her many murals -- and we were fortunate to have her just stop in one day with an offer to paint one for us.  With cows & a horse & a pig with piglets & chickens (and a cat or two per Kari's request -- she has a herd of cats on her own farm)...the mural came to life.
Now a farm resides at the FRC - stop by to check it out!
Cyndee can be contacted & contracted with to paint for others at