Wednesday, November 11, 2015

the gift of supporting families

Supporting families in Eau Claire & Dunn Counties is a gift. 
The Family Resource Center both gives and receives.

Each time a family opens their heart & sometimes even their home to us,
we receive so much in the relationship we build.  We become a team, focused on
providing the best for each child.  We offer insight into child development,
ideas for resources in the community, and sometimes even a shoulder to lean on.
Together we figure out this adventure called "parenting"!

Each time a donation arrives at our center, we are able to take this gift -- and
give it back to the community.  No matter if that donation may be a box of Kleenex
or a check -- we are gracious for the support.  As a non-profit, we rely on caring
individuals and funders to support us so we can support families.

Please know we are thankful & appreciative!