Parenting Class

The Parenting Class is offered online through email format.  Topics include co-parenting, communication, discipline, routines, and dealing with children's anger. The class is self-paced and assignments are given and received through email.


Everything can be done through your electronic device. Each topic area comes with reading and questions to complete—which takes approximately 30 minutes. Once an assignment has been received the next topic/assignment is provided.  The class is totally self-directed and there is no deadline for completion—so participants can adjust the class to fit their needs. When all topics have been covered, participants will receive a certificate verifying completion.


The cost is $11 with online registration. Please register here

If you'd like to register and pay in person the fee is $10, cash or check. Please visit us at the Family Resource Center at the Oakwood Mall.

Interested in being a Sponsor? Please send an email here

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