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April is Family Strengthing Month!

Now’s the perfect time to celebrate your family’s strengths! Research shows there are 5 Strengths that help families weather difficulties and better care for one another.

Below you will find a registration link to register for your Five for Families - Parenting on the Go bags.

Bags are limited to one per family, so please choose the bag that would work best for you. Not sure which bag would be best? One of our parent educators can help you decide when its time to schedule your pick up.


Find tips and ideas for building on your family’s strengths at

Bag Options

Giveaway Bag 0 to 6 months

Birth - 6 months

Giveaway Bag 2

6 months - 2 years

Giveaway bag 3

3 to 6 years
Sign up to be added to our waitlist for restock.

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