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Discover Our Lending Library

Sign out items for two weeks at no cost!

Activity Bags

We have dozens of activity bags, designed for all ages from 6 months and up. Whether your little one loves colors and shapes, is learning to potty train, or wants to build and imagine, we'll help you find an activity bag for them.

Family Games

Choose a classic game, like Candy Land, or try out a cooperative game, where all players win or lose as a team.


Our lending library has a wide variety of games for ages 2 and up.

Books & Videos

We also offer books and videos on a variety of parenting and child development topics.


All available for sign out, read, and watch at your convenience.

Choose from a wide variety of toys, puzzles, games, and books for your family to enjoy with for up to two weeks, entirely free!

Have an idea for our Lending Library? Please let us know! We are currently working to expand our selections and we'd love to hear from you.


For more information, please complete this form or stop in and ask any of our staff.

Lending Library Contact

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