The Family Resource Center is a safe place to play with my family and talk. I also love the support and resources it offers to both parents, especially dads because I've seen the difference it's made in my fiancee’s life.


The Family Resource Center and the people that work there have been a very big support for my family &me. Through Parent Cafes, home visits, dad groups, to just making us feel welcomed when we come into the center to play. Even [while closed for Covid-19] they've been a big support, checking in with our family over phone calls. I really appreciate this place, the people, their heart, the genuine care, and everything they do for me and so many other people.

A Grateful Grandma

I am a grandparent, and our family loves the FRC. When my grandson was 3, his mother became very ill and was in and out of hospitals for months at a time. His dad was working, so I was his caregiver. I knew he needed to play with and be around other children. I don't remember how we found FRC but it was a lifesaver. He learned to share and we made many friends. I am still good friends with another grandma who brought her grandsons there, and also other moms.
It was the highlight of our week! Your staff were wonderful and I often asked their advice. Your newsletter gave me ideas for other things to do also.
I am so grateful you were there in our time of need. It is a great service and wonderful people.




I really value the activity bag checkout program and the fact that the La Leche League is able to use your space for meetings. Both were very helpful to me as a new mom with young baby! Your space is always welcoming and cheery and has lots of valuable information. Thanks for what you do for our community!


I am certain that I am a better person, parent, and community member because of the Family Resource Center.  The FRC playgroups were crucial for me as stay-at-home parent new to town.  It allowed me to meet new people, enjoy interactions with adults, and engage in discussions about parenting strategies.  My children loved the toys and activities, but I didn’t participate as much for them as I did for me.  I needed adult interaction and positive connections.  I know that the FRC helped me make those connections with people and helped build confidence in my parenting.  Over the years, I have become convinced that positive connections are what make communities stronger.  Thank you, FRC, for making the Chippewa Valley a stronger community.


When my son was born he had a brain injury called hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (HIE). We left the NICU after more than a week with a lot of unknowns, “what ifs,” and “wait and sees”. We had so many meetings with doctors and birth to three, it was overwhelming. Even though he was my 3rd child, I found myself feeling unsure of myself as a mom. And lonely.

I found the FRC when my son was almost 18 months old. Honestly, I don’t know where we’d be without the FRC. I met other parents with kids similar ages to my son, and made many new friends. I was able to share our story and talk about my fears. The parent educators helped walk me through my concerns, evaluate my son’s abilities and give great direction on activities that he might benefit from. 

When my son was 2, he didn’t have much to say. He would turn away from anyone who tried to talk to him, and wouldn’t participate in group activities. But we continued to come every week and, as time went by—little bit by little bit—he started to join in. He really grew from all the interactions at the FRC. 


When he finally joined in on the “Hello Song” in playgroup, I cried (and I think Sue did too!). It was HUGE for us!! He is now almost 5 and exceeding all the expectations of his medical providers. I think the FRC played a crucial part in his development and preparing him to start kindergarten this fall. I am forever grateful!

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